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Welcome to Edu Urge

Edu Urge is an attempt to trigger and leverage the "Urge" in an individual in one’s quest of overcoming hurdles, inhibitions which have otherwise got stemmed in the myriads of the traditional education systems. The attempt is to bridge the gap which translate into life skills at the market place.

Edu Urge works on the unique model of e3. At Edu Urge we believe that there is a child in every human being and the process of e3 will trigger key aspects in the mind which will facilitate learning of the individual.

Our model induces an individual to "explore" one’s own key strengths and facilitates a discovery of the gaps identification, at this stage our methodologies act as catalysts to "enhance" the latent strengths by further sharpening and bridge identified gaps. The most critical part we believe at this stage of the process is to get an individual "engage" in the above cycle which acts as self fuelling and self satiating. The above process is a continuous cycle and we believe that the rigor, followed by routine snowboards will transform the individual to adapt new life skills.

The outcome of our process will be a delivery of groomed student closest fit in terms of refinement, confident, self motivated and is ready to take on the world. The e3 enables a mindset of Inductive and Deductive reasoning which get imbibed as a life skill for facing several facets of life.

Edu Urge’s USP

> Specially designed Unique Assessment test in English Aptitude from Grade-I to XII,Bank,PO,B.Tech, MBA and all Competitive Exams.

> Language Clubs focusing on the the four Pillars of Language – Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.

> Specially designed Arts & Craft Training as per the requirement of the institution


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