Trainings- The passion to win, ability to lead, team work, work towards opportunities, strong analytical skills and a drive for continuous self-improvement brings success to an individual.



> Teacher Training- Self-Awareness, Interpersonal Relation, Empathy, Coping with Stress & Emotion etc.
> Student Training-Life Skills
> English Grammar
> Special Differential Educational Needs
> Verbal Aptitude



> Verbal Aptitude – Verbal Ability – & MBA Colleges (CRT, Competitive English)
> Functional Grammar
> Sentence Completion
> Reading Comprehension
> Cloze Test
> Theme Detection
> Word Analogy
> Spotting Errors
> Synonyms and Antonyms
> Idioms and Phrases
> One Word Substitutes
> Ordering of sentences



Vocabulary questions test the candidate’s knowledge of the primary meanings of words, secondary shades of meaning, usage, idioms and phrases, antonyms, related words, etc.



Grammar-based questions test the candidate’s ability to spot and correct grammatical errors. CAT generally tests knowledge of high school level grammar and includes areas like subject-verb agreement, use of modifiers, parallel construction, redundancy, phrasal verbs, use of articles, prepositions, etc.


Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning questions are designed to test the candidate’s ability to identify relationships or patterns within groups of words or sentences.

Verbal Ability Questions Answers (MCQ) of English Aptitude are important for BANK PO, Clerk, IBPS, SBI-PO, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, CBI, CPO, CLAT, CTET, NDA, CDS, Specialist Officers and other competitive exams.

> Group Discussions
> Preparing a Resume
> Personal Interviews
> Presentation skills / Ex-tempore Speeches
> Grooming & Etiquette
> Personality Development
> Team Building
> Stress Management
> Public Speaking Skills
> Problem solving & Decision Making
> Managing & Leading In Times of Change GD & Interview Skills
> Communication and Interpersonal Skills
> Leadership Skills
> Time Management